Me Too…

Today is one of those days that irk the living shit out of me. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it irritates me to no end that I am irritated by this. Normally MLK day comes and goes with a moment of reflection about what he, and so many others, sacrificed to promote their cause, to have their voices heard, and to effect the change that is only right. I made the mistake of venturing into the Twitter-verse today only to find prominent political figures droning on about how great Dr. King was and how he did so many great things.

I don’t dispute any of what is being said, but I take issue with the two-faced, propaganda spewing, talking point making, vote seeking, political whores saying this stuff. Trump, Pence, Ryan, and a slew of others are putting out mushy, heartstring tugging, statements commemorating Dr. King all while they undermine almost everything he stood for.

Trump is clearly a racist who puts no one else’s interests before his own. Yet he has great things to say about Dr. King? Really???

Pence, Trump’s Midwest minion and second in command, would sellout his own principles to join up with a bigoted egomaniacal douchebag to further his own career. Seriously man? Take a look around. Was Dr. King about division or unity? I can tell you that the way you behave is contrary to everything Dr. King stood for. It’s actually a disgrace to his name and memory to have a sellout like you profess how great he was while you continue to collaborate with politicians that are directly opposed to the ideals that he stood for.

Ryan, I can not think of a bigger douche bag who says how great Dr. King was, while at the same time is still ramming a sand paper wrapped dildo up the American worker’s asses and continues to tell them it’s good for us. What in the actual hell?

If I truly thought any of these wealthy white men really believe what they tweet about Dr. King then this would be a non issue, but their self serving actions are completely antithetical to the movement and philosophy of Dr. King.

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