Once there was a boy

I was a pretty normal guy early on. Naive about the world in many ways, but threw myself in to the hell fire of the world to see what I could accomplish. In high school, I was an athlete. In adulthood, I was a sharp minded force that constantly questioned the status quo. I worked office jobs and physically taxing jobs with equal vigor. Fueled with the young adult sense of invincibility I was nearly unstoppable… until the phrase “You have multiple sclerosis.” was proclaimed by my doctor.

That’s what has triggered the need for this blog. Physically and mentally broken, unable to work or move forward in any career path, my life has lost purpose. My wonderful wife, in an effort to quell my discontent with not having a purpose, suggested that I blog. It seems almost laughable that I would end up blogging as I have carried a healthy disdain for people who plaster their lives all across the internet, but here I am, killing it!

I am not sure where this journey is going to take me, but I assure you that it will be genuine and insightful. Through my selfish purpose of stifling my own discontent, I hope that the readers can find something of value in the words, thoughts, and stories that will someday fill these pages.

–The Twisted Cripple

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